Horror Parties 10+

What do you do when your child has grown out of fluffy bunnies?
Have a scream!!!

Older children demand so much more these days. They are sophisticated and savvy, don’t want to be talked down too but still have that innocence and wonder.

Paul actually performs more parties in an adult environment than in the children’s world (see the close-up tab). This magical knowledge and skill combines the effortless persona with that magical wow factor. The performance is a combination of close-up and horror. With such tricks as sticking a skewer through the tongue & a knife through the wrist. All totally harmless, creating instant disbelief before the laughter kicks in and the secrets are revealed.

These parties can either be a 45 minute show or a combination of show & games for the whole stress free experience.

For more information please give us a buzz (for instant answers and availability) or visit the contact page.

“It was brilliant, everyone is still talking about it”. Ollie

“Dear Colonel Custard – thank you for coming to our Halloween Party. We all had an amazing time, the best party ever”. Megan & Ryan.