Standing 1.4m tall this giant game will certainly make an impact to any party.

Take turns to drop your coloured discs into the frame. The first to connect four in a row is the winner. Use your skill and strategy to become the champion.

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Take it in turns to remove a block and add it to the top, without tumbling the tower.

This classic game of skill and cunning in giant form has 58 wooden blocks. The tower builds from approximately 0.9m at the start of the game to a possible 1.5m at the end of play.

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Two big blow up dice determine which hand or foot to place on which coloured flower.

‘Get Knotted’ up with other players to make the game more difficult for them. But be aware, fall over and you are out of the game. Twister comes with a giant 3m square mat, pegs to secure it to the lawn (for playing outdoors) and two giant inflatable dice.

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