Drama Parties 9+

The Greatest Show On Earth.

The party lasts two hours in total. We provide all the props and the music, and even face paint if required. All you need to take care of is the food break, at some point during the proceedings.

A local hall is recommended for this amazing experience.

Friends and family are invited back 15 minutes before the end of the party to watch the thrills and spills of the ‘Big Top’ show.

For those stage-struck children who would like to run away with the circus, this is a wonderful opportunity to perform their own theatre show.

The performance centres around four acts: tightrope walkers, tigers, acrobats and clowns. It also contains ‘physical theatre’ in the form of human pyramids and funky dominoes. Although the children do not need to be of the athletic type, it is geared for older children aged nine and above, who can cope with a little more rough and tumble.